He shredded it all...

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…and every bit of it he did shred.

Like I wrote earlier, somewhere in the 2013-2014 range, I wrote a whopping 10,000 word chapter. Whopping, because a chapter should be bite size; the 1,200-2000 words range is plenty. This week, I had some down time. I decided to shred it.

I still like my characters. I still like the “situation” in which they have found themselves, but it was atrocious. Shawn Coyne was exactly right, the more you read the more you grow. As much as I like what I wrote in 2014, the more I now think it was total garbage on several fronts.

All in 10,000 words. It was just junk. So, I wrote about 2,500 words on Monday and Tuesday spread out in three chapters and it was very much more appealing. I will start writing some short stories here to give a taste; like 1,000 words short stories.